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UPDATE: Head Shot Special: Saturday, January 12th, 2013

UPDATE: So the big Head Shot Special has more or less been delayed once again, this time because of a big photoshoot that developed unexpectedly on relatively short notice. The clients who did book are being rescheduled and accommodated. This is still a special I plan on featuring going forward. Need an updated photo? I’m… Continue Reading

Honorable Mention (Best BPR Pics of 2012)

[portfolio_slideshow size=custom width=550 height=400 autoplay=true random=true centered=true carousel=true navstyle=graphical navpos=disabled pagerstyle=thumbs pagerpos=bottom] This slideshow features, in no particular order, some photos that missed the cut for my Top 25, but were still noteworthy and/or favorites. At least one—the KC/DC publicity photo from February—would have made the Top 25 had I not forgotten about it (I took… Continue Reading