BPR Pic of the Day: KC/DC 2014

BPR Pic of the Day: KC/DC 2014

Happy Tuesday, everybody. Today’s blog entry features a favorite band publicity photo I did with my friends in the AC/DC tribute band KC/DC in 2014. It was a very simple photo with a very simple light set up, designed to look like an iconic photo of the actual AC/DC from way back in the 70s. (See here.) It’s one of my favorites because my solution in lighting it was just to bounce my hot shoe flash off the wall and ceiling behind me. Which was great because it meant I didn’t need to set up an umbrella or soft box. You can do a lot with minimal gear. KCDC_2014_1500I’ve realized it’s been a while since I posted a blog entry actually featuring a photo, what with all the video-related posts recently. And this year especially I feel like there’s been a dearth of photo galleries in comparison with years past. Obviously my energies have shifted a bit toward the video side—and there are still really cool video projects in the pipeline as I write this that I can’t wait to finish and release (can you say, “Zeros promo video”?)—but I have definitely not left photography behind. And I’ve wondered if I haven’t been hurting myself perception-wise because I’ve fallen out of the game somewhat. I’m a prolific, creative person, and I like delving into a lot of different creative pursuits, but I worry that it’s hurt me in getting certain jobs if people want a “specialist” who “only” does wedding photography or senior photography, or whatever. But then again, I’ve never been comfortable bragging about myself and have always preferred to let my work speak for itself…and I’m really proud of my work and really believe it holds its own against the best in this town. (And even writing that makes me feel uncomfortable.) I’m still trying to figure that all out.

ANYWAY…all that being said, I wanted to do a photo-based entry today, and with KC/DC performing at the Voodoo Lounge at Harrah’s this Friday, I thought this would be a great chance to feature what I consider a “simple”, straight forward photo, with few bells and whistles involved.

This was taken in August of 2014 backstage at the former Sandstone Amphitheater (later Verizon Wireless, then Cricket Wireless, and now apparently Providence Medical Center Amphitheater…naming rights, man, I’ll tell you…). They were part of a tribute band lineup and were the final act slated to play (see HERE for my blog post from the following week).

John Roy (second from right and the band’s “Brian Johnson” wanted to do a group photo in the style of one of AC/DC’s iconic photos. Very simple, but I either didn’t have the proper lighting with me, or decided to give it a go by just bouncing my hot shoe flash off the ceiling/wall to create similar shadows on the band members. Which I thought worked great and even better, it saved me from having to set up an umbrella or soft box in such tight quarters. I also set another hotshot flash on the floor behind the band to light the curtain behind them. Very simple, and it’s one of my favorite publicity photos I’ve done over the years because I think it captures the band’s essence perfectly (and they still use it in their promo to this day; thanks, guys).

Bonus pic: Publicity photo of KC/DC with a slightly different lineup from 2012. Van courtesy of Dan Tietjen from KC-based Poison tribute, Poison Overdose. This pic did use an umbrella, as well as a second hot shoe flash behind them gelled with red to accent the shot. I then “crunched” up the contrast to make it pop.


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