Throwback and Tribute: The Record Bar


Last night (Saturday, January 2nd), one of Kansas City’s most esteemed live music venues, the Record Bar, closed its doors for good. (Not through any lack of success, but as I understand it, solely on account of the property’s landlord refusing to renew the lease for various reasons.) I was there Friday night shooting Outhouse’s reunion performance in front of a packed house. But here I want to bring back a couple of oldies from the “early” days when I was still relatively new to photography. Rattle and Hum, Kansas City’s U2 tribute band, was playing a Friday night at the Record Bar in early May of 2007, barely a year after their own first gig there on St. Patrick’s Day 2006.

U2 tribute Rattle and Hum

These photos from that show are a couple of my favorites from those days, and I think it was the same day I bought a brand new lens (a Tamron 17-50mm 2.8 that cost all of $500, lol) and was so excited about taking it out for the first time. (I had to check the metadata of these pics, but at that point I was still shooting on a Canon Digital Rebel XT, which I think that was the very next camera after the original Digital Rebel.) I hadn’t even begun to think about things like hot shoe flash photography, to say nothing of off-camera lighting. It was just the camera and the lens, and I was still learning and teaching myself; I couldn’t tell you what lighting ratios were nor had any real clue about getting paid to shoot (thought I had shot a couple of other bands for like $50 each earlier that year, lol.) I really wasn’t setting out to make money with it; I was just having fun.


I enjoyed several shows there over the years; here’s a fun pic one of the Record Bar’s co-owners, Steven, as my lighting test subject before I was set to shoot a gig with Shots Fired back in March of 2009:

Co-owner Steven Tulipana, who was fighting a cold that night…

And here’s another fun pic, a fake magazine cover I mocked up of Shots Fired themselves, shortly after Steven’s pic:


Lots of good memories from that venue; I may post more pics later on. I hope Steve and his co-owner Shawn eventually continue the Record Bar legacy at a new location, but if not, the Record Bar will always be remembered as one of the great music venues Kansas City has been fortunate to have.

Outhouse playing to a packed house, second to last night, Friday, January 1st, 2016.

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