Attitude from Canon shooters for having a Nikon

Editor’s note: This is a direct copy and paste from a forum I originally posted this to on Flickr.

I’m not posting this to be flamebait and to get anybody riled up, but I just want to know what the deal is with Canon owners giving attitude because I’m shooting with Nikon. I shot Canon for six years, shooting bands, weddings, and events, and never ONCE did I catch any flack from Nikon shooters because I was shooting with Canon. Granted, I had a couple Nikon friends good-naturedly chide me about how I should switch when they heard me complain about the autofocusing issues that eventually drove me switch this month. BUT…they are already friends of mine, and they only said something after I complained.

A few weeks ago I posted about the random guy who stopped me with my 5DM2 and the 7D (my last go round before I switched) to compliment me on my cameras before adding, unbidden, how much he “hated”–that was the word–Nikon. Um, okay; I didn’t inform him I was about to switch 😉

But since then, I’ve had the Nikon (a D700 with the 24-70 2.8) for less than two weeks, and I’ve already caught attitude from Canon shooters at events that don’t even know me. Not all Canon owners; there were a couple that I knew who were cool (well, more or less). But I ran into one I knew, and the last time I spoke to her I told her I was thinking of switching, and last night was the first time I ran into since the switch, so I showed her the camera to let her know I did it. Her guy friend frowns/scowls and gives me the thumbs down. Okay, dick. But I laughed it off, but it kinda got to me.

Then, moments later, I move to another side of the stage, and another photographer, taking video with a Canon, happened to be next to me and says, totally unbidden, “You need to get that Nikon crap out of here!” Again, I laugh it off and look at him, and he’s got this shit eating grin on his face, and it was the kind of thing that somebody says something like it’s a joke, but it’s really a cover for how they really feel. I gotta tell you, it set me on edge the rest of the night.

After my knife fight with the Canon guy.*

I later talked to another Canon shooter who I know, and is really cool and friendly, and I told him what happened–actually it turned out the guy was his colleague, although I don’t think either of us realized it until I saw them collaborating later–and he was totally cool and said, exactly as I think, it’s about the images we produce at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter what we use to create it. I’m not some anti-Canon guy; the overriding reason I switched was because of the autofocus issues I had with Canon–the 5DM2 is poor focusing in lowlight and the 7D is inconsistent. If I did more video I wouldn’t have switched.

So long story short…what the hell is the deal? I want to know. It’s one thing if you’re just joking around with friends, but talking trash to somebody you don’t even know? WTF? Canon fanboys: Explain. It. To. Me.

*No, there wasn’t really a knife fight 😉  At a Halloween party last night there was a girl with tree branches as part of her costume and I grazed it. Yeah, I know; not as exciting as the knife fight.

5 Responses to Attitude from Canon shooters for having a Nikon

  1. Hey Brian,
    I have 7d and 24-70 2.8L , and ive got to tell you i am not impressed. i bought it 6 month ago and sent it to Canon twice! it is working fine now ( i think….) but now there is no trust left )))) i read your story and totally support you. Planning to switch to Nikon too, unfortunately.

  2. I sent my 7D back to Canon twice to fix some back/front focusing issues before it was finally fixed (for the most part). My 24-70 also never seemed to focus on the 7D even after the second trip. Some other lenses worked great on it, though, especially the Tamron 70-200 2.8. I also later got a 17-55.

  3. I have always used Canon because I had the original Canon Rebel 300D when I really started to love photography. Then I got the 5D and a 5DMK2. I really like having the video option of the 5DMK2 and I love that camera….I hate when I have to shoot with the 5D (maybe not hate, but I really like the 5DMK2).

    That being said, I could care less what someone else uses. At the Foundation Conference, WPPI, and some of my friends here are always taking swipes at Canon users and saying things about focusing or how sharp their images are. I personally have no problems with either of those and I prefer the color/files from my camera.

    Now if someone tried to force me to use a Nikon, we’d have a problem…but I use what I like to use…other people have their own choices. I might have been the guy to joke about someone using a Nikon like the guy you mentioned in the pit, but could care less now a days. I;d rather talk about how we can make better photos.

    You should by a Sony camera and use it in the pit…see what kind of comments you get then 😉