Revamped Website is complete!

Seems like I’ve got the new website complete!

This has been a project I’ve been wanting to do for much of the past year, but never had been able to commit all my energy to completely in order to see it through. It basically required me to learn a whole new program, WordPress, and various coding crap, er, stuff 😉 Took a long time for me to gradually put the pieces together and realize the vision I had way back when the idea first occurred to me.

It had always been a desire of mine to have a new site incorporating a blog, instead of having separate websites for everything; my homepage here, my photo galleries there, and my blog yet someplace else. It didn’t make sense. So that was the impetus behind the revamp, to fold everything under one roof. I think it also helps gather my work in one comprehensive portfolio for the viewer to conveniently look at, instead of having to navigate the various smugmug galleries I have up. Those smugmug galleries will remain up, but more for my clients and friends to visit in their entirety, while prospective clients can glean what they need from my portfolio pages.


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