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Softlighter and Speedlights

Some outdoor test shots in bright daylight (2pm mid-July) with my new 60″ Softlighter (basically an umbrella with a cover to emulate a softbox look) and three Speedlights: one SB-900 and two SB-600s. Featuring the mannequin I acquired a few years ago for practice (Manny). Even though I used no radio/remotes to activate the Speedlights, they still read the master flash (the D700’s on-camera pop-up flash) through the cover (though line of site of each Speedlight’s sensors was still a factor, although the light bouncing around inside the cover seemed to help). Big benefit of using Speedlights for this and not a strobe is high-speed sync; the final shot was taken at 1/4000th of a second at f2.8; great for depth of field (though not able to max out the look in these tests).

Revamped Website is complete!

Seems like I’ve got the new website complete! This has been a project I’ve been wanting to do for much of the past year, but never had been able to commit all my energy to completely in order to see it through. It basically required me to learn a whole new program, WordPress, and various… Continue Reading

Off camera gelled flash

This past weekend I changed up my off-camera lighting just a little bit than I normally have been doing. Using off-camera flashes has been part of my repertoire for quite some time now with certain bars/bands, but I never used a dome diffuser nor did I use any colored gels (even though I own both).… Continue Reading

The Nikon D700

So I’ve had the D700/24-70 for a couple of days now. Haven’t done any jobs with it yet; just been putting it through its paces shooting things around the house. This weekend I’ll be taking it on three different shoots, so I’m looking forward to that. Justice is coming. Continue Reading

The Mannequin

It’s taken me a long time to get the hang of flash photography. Ambient light, natural light like a late-afternoon sun and artificial lighting for bands has always been easy for me. I remember one of the wedding photographers I assisted last year, Joshua Hoffine, telling me it took him over a year to get… Continue Reading