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Backroad Anthem, July 2013 at Kanza Hall in Overland Park, Kansas (Kansas City)

Everyone has probably heard of the country singer, Craig Strickland of Backroad Anthem, whose boat capsized while duck hunting and caused his and his friend’s deaths last week down in Oklahoma. I realized that three years ago I shot his band at Kanza Hall when they opened for Joe Nichols. I didn’t actually meet either band in person; just shot from the crowd and took party pics of the fans. Not being country fan per se, I still thought Backroad Anthem was a tight band, and Strickland was a charismatic frontman. It was sad to hear what happened to him and his friend, and crazy to realize we crossed paths somewhat in the line of work.













Throwback and Tribute: The Record Bar

  Last night (Saturday, January 2nd), one of Kansas City’s most esteemed live music venues, the Record Bar, closed its doors for good. (Not through any lack of success, but as I understand it, solely on account of the property’s landlord refusing to renew the lease for various reasons.) I was there Friday night shooting… Continue Reading

BPR’s Keys to being a Successful Cover Band: THE SHOW, PART 3

3b) THE SHOW: Sequencing is NOT cheating There. I said it. Now get over it. Seriously, this is one of the most controversial aspects I’ve encountered among many (especially older) musicians. For those unfamiliar, sequencing is when a band incorporates a pre-recorded sound—an effect or an instrument of some kind—that they use to back up… Continue Reading

BPR’s Keys to being a Successful Cover Band: THE SHOW, PART 1

3) THE SHOW: Have the right songs at the right time, avoid indulging in personal favorites that drive people off the dance floor, don’t take too long between songs, and know when NOT to take a set break THIS is going to be the topic I think most people will have some of the biggest… Continue Reading

BPR’s Keys to being a Successful Cover Band: PROMOTION

2) PROMOTION: The most mysterious and elusive aspect of success Okay, I’m not sure I really have a lot of advice about this aspect in particular, but as the scope of this project began to expand exponentially the more I contemplated it, it grew to encompass four key “legs” holding up the table that supports… Continue Reading

What it takes to be a successful cover band (INTRO)

Note: I’m taking a detour from my photography-related posts on my site to talk about my observations over the years regarding the most successful cover bands… Okay, so I was surprised by the response to my Facebook post last week regarding what **I** felt were some essential keys to being a successful cover band. And… Continue Reading