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Off camera gelled flash

This past weekend I changed up my off-camera lighting just a little bit than I normally have been doing. Using off-camera flashes has been part of my repertoire for quite some time now with certain bars/bands, but I never used a dome diffuser nor did I use any colored gels (even though I own both).… Continue Reading

Attitude from Canon shooters for having a Nikon

Editor’s note: This is a direct copy and paste from a forum I originally posted this to on Flickr. I’m not posting this to be flamebait and to get anybody riled up, but I just want to know what the deal is with Canon owners giving attitude because I’m shooting with Nikon. I shot Canon… Continue Reading

First weekend shooting with the D700

So here are some sample shots of the Nikon D700 in low light situations, at very high ISOs. Personally I’m blown away by the image quality the D7oo produces, at all ISOs but especially the higher ISOs. Even on the Canon 5DM2 I was reluctant to shoot above 3200 ISO in these circumstances; on the… Continue Reading

The Nikon D700

So I’ve had the D700/24-70 for a couple of days now. Haven’t done any jobs with it yet; just been putting it through its paces shooting things around the house. This weekend I’ll be taking it on three different shoots, so I’m looking forward to that. Justice is coming. Continue Reading

The Switch from Canon to Nikon is in progress

So I have, indeed, committed to switching from Canon to Nikon, recently. After further reflection/internal debate/countless budget calculations, I ultimately decided on the Nikon D700 paired with the Nikon 24-70 2.8. Not the cheapest scenario–believe me, I tried really hard NOT to decide on this solution–but having shot with the Canon 5DM2 for the past… Continue Reading

Nikon d300s Impressions from a Canon 7D and 5DM2 shooter.

I’ve rented the Nikon d300s this past week, along with the Nikon 17-55 2.8, the SB-900 flash and the SB-600 flash (to experiment with off-camera lighting). I’ve been considering a switch from Canon to Nikon for a long time. Here is a link to some pics I shot with the Nikon. Below are my impressions: Continue Reading