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BPR Top Twenty-Five Pics of 2012

Well, this is a revival of a tradition I thought I was starting in 2009: an end of the year review of my favorite photos. It was never intended as a “best of”, because that would be too hard, and too focused I think on the technical aspects of a given photo. Which is still accounted for here, but what these really are represent my favorite photos. On some level these pics meant something a little “more” to me in some way. But I also have to recognize the need to include some outliers for “balance” so that the pics aren’t so lopsided as far as being all models, or all live shots, etc. (I also just realized I’ve omitted all my food photography, but as those were for commercial purposes I guess they don’t merit the same consideration as the more “art-driven” pics do. It’s also omitted most family portraits.)

As I mentioned, I did a Top Ten of 2009, but as I reviewed the pics for 2012 I realized there was just too much for me to choose from that stood out. I was originally just going to do a separate “Honorable Mention”—and I’ll still do that—but I decided to consider expanding it to a Top Twenty, and finally a Top 25. If I went back and reviewed pics again, I don’t doubt I could identify a few dozen other worthy pics, but I figure what I chose in my initial reviews comprise the cream of the crop. I’ll try to include a caption/description of each pic, though some will be more enlightening than others. Some comments may even be as mundane as, “Yeah, this one is pretty cool.” We’ll see…



Nikon 85mm 1.8G Quick Review

Just wanted to share my initial thoughts on the Nikon 85mm 1.8G. I just purchased it this weekend and had the chance to take it for a spin last night… Note: This post features a Flash-based slideshow which will not view on Apple mobile products (iPads and iPhones)… (Note that I like to add a… Continue Reading

Fun with COB’ing Backgrounds

Showing how it’s possible to do realistic looking green screen photography. Granted, the original was not shot against a green screen, but the basic concept of cutting out the background and overlaying the subject onto a new background remains. The first two pics are of the helmet cut out and the background prior to having… Continue Reading

My wish list, January 2012

With some recent acquisitions—the Nikkor 70-200 2.8 VR 1 and a 32″x40″ Softbox among them—I was thinking about some future items on my list when I decided to write them down. It’s really rather shocking that there are so few items, but what’s even more shocking is the grand total: less than $2500 at the… Continue Reading

Doubling down

So after my extensive blog this week on my personal observations/experience with both Canon and Nikon (see previous blog), in which I expressed some degree of wistfulness about my switch last year (from Canon to Nikon), I doubled down that same night and purchased a Nikon D7000 as a backup/second body to my kit. I… Continue Reading

The switch from Canon to Nikon, One Year Later: An Assessment

As many people familiar with me (and/or my blog) may remember, last fall I switched from Canon to Nikon. It was a decision nearly a year in the making, and based mainly off of some frustrating autofocusing issues I was experiencing with the Canon 7D. To quickly recap those: inconsistent results; some days razor sharp,… Continue Reading

Revamped Website is complete!

Seems like I’ve got the new website complete! This has been a project I’ve been wanting to do for much of the past year, but never had been able to commit all my energy to completely in order to see it through. It basically required me to learn a whole new program, WordPress, and various… Continue Reading