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Big Slick 2013 at the Midland Theater

Big Slick event at the Midland Theater. For info on Big Slick, click HERE. To see full gallery on, click HERE.

Big Slick hosts Paul Rudd, Rob Riggle, and Jason Sudekis.
James Marsden and Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd
Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis.
Samm Levine and Johnny Knoxville rough housing.
Angela Kinsey of the Office with the Perpetual Change's rhythm guitarist Jim Parker.
Jim Parker and Mike Bozzoli of Perpetual Change, the house band!
Rob Riggle closes out the event.

BPR Top Twenty-Five Pics of 2012

Well, this is a revival of a tradition I thought I was starting in 2009: an end of the year review of my favorite photos. It was never intended as a “best of”, because that would be too hard, and too focused I think on the technical aspects of a given photo. Which is still… Continue Reading


I’m not sure that many people realize that I actually get paid to shoot most of the party/band pics they see me out there doing. And I definitely consider it a privilege to be paid to do so. Because everybody has a camera, right? So I definitely don’t take it for granted. However, there are… Continue Reading

Revamped Website is complete!

Seems like I’ve got the new website complete! This has been a project I’ve been wanting to do for much of the past year, but never had been able to commit all my energy to completely in order to see it through. It basically required me to learn a whole new program, WordPress, and various… Continue Reading

Off camera gelled flash

This past weekend I changed up my off-camera lighting just a little bit than I normally have been doing. Using off-camera flashes has been part of my repertoire for quite some time now with certain bars/bands, but I never used a dome diffuser nor did I use any colored gels (even though I own both).… Continue Reading