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Earlier this month, I did the staff headshots for First Call, which is an organization dedicated to drug and alcohol prevention and recovery based in Kansas City. I’ve been working them for almost a year now, thanks to a friend of mine, Chris Rosberg, who connected us. Photography is not always about shooting bands or party pics, nor is it about scantily clad girls (sadly), though Facebook seems to make it appear so, heh…this was just a basic meat and potatoes shoot that I was fortunate enough to do, and I wanted to share some of the pics with everyone to let them know that this is part of my repertoire. For this shoot, there were a total of 19 people that I spent the afternoon shooting at their office—the key is having a portable lighting and backdrop kit that’s easy to transport and set up. If your company is looking to have head shots done for the entire staff, or if you just want to update your own personal headshot for use on LinkedIn or your business card, please reach out to me so we can discuss. Have a good day…












Website Revamp

After a year of redirecting the domain name to my all-encompassing website,, I am currently in the process of restructuring BrianRicePhoto in its own right as a family and senior portrait-oriented website. Long story short, this site is designed for people who are looking for a portrait photographer to capture their family and… Continue Reading

BPR Top Twenty-Five Pics of 2012

Well, this is a revival of a tradition I thought I was starting in 2009: an end of the year review of my favorite photos. It was never intended as a “best of”, because that would be too hard, and too focused I think on the technical aspects of a given photo. Which is still… Continue Reading


I’m not sure that many people realize that I actually get paid to shoot most of the party/band pics they see me out there doing. And I definitely consider it a privilege to be paid to do so. Because everybody has a camera, right? So I definitely don’t take it for granted. However, there are… Continue Reading