D600 First Impressions

First impressions of the D600 (renting it right now): Feels like a slightly bigger D7000 (obviously since the control layout is very similar). Not as quick to lock on focus in low light as the D700. But when it does the photos are incredible. Haven’t shot it in daylight or the studio yet, but I expect big things. One thing that struck me was how superior the live view is now, especially when using it to aim and take photos and not having to use the view finder. I never had luck doing it that way before, especially on the D700, but with the D600 it’s very effective. And did I say the image quality is phenomenal? ISO 3200, WOW.

One Response to D600 First Impressions

  1. The lack of a 100% coverage viewfinder is the reason I would NEVER buy a D700. It’s a killer for me but its a personal choice. However, it is much less relevant for sports where action is moving so fast that you have to frame generously to keep the subject under a focus point and then crop later. Once you have to crop, well, you have to crop. Frankly I think it was embarassing for Nikon to have 100% OVF in the D7000 and not the D700 and they corrected that in their models. Yesterday I got a Nikon D600 which – despite the lower number – is extremely good.