BPR Pic of the Day: “Marvel’s” SKIP GODLEY

BPR Pic of the Day: “Marvel’s” SKIP GODLEY

Every once in a while you get a random inspiration to create an image that’s timely, relevant, humorous, and any number of other adjectives that make it inevitable you’ll make the time to bring it out of your brain and into real life. I’d been finishing up watching Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix, and as the series progressed, and especially every time I started the next episode and the intro to the show came on with the imagery and theme music, I kept visualizing this photo in my mind of my friend Skip, a bass player who is also a Luke Cage fan. I finally just decided to create this image by taking a photo of Skip I shot of him performing this past spring, then replicating the Luke Cage logo as best as I could in Photoshop—which was itself an “adventure” in getting the hang of that program’s 3D graphics feature. Then finally going so far as to develop a treatment for this mythical show incorporating Skip’s commitment to opposing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump:

Introducing Marvel’s SKIP GODLEY, a righteous bass player whose infectious grooves rally the people against the nefarious ORANGE CRUSH, a greedy real estate mogul determined to bulldoze Midtown and turn it into his latest hotel and casino project, and who is revealed to be none other than Donald Trump.

It is highly recommend you play the theme song to Luke Cage in the background while you view this poster for the full effect.

I don’t know about you, but I would definitely watch that show 😉

*This is purely a satirical poster created for fun, and not meant to be a “sellable” project (at least, not without removing the Marvel logo). 

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