Printing options and 25% Off Christmas Code

If you’ve considered ordering prints from my website, you might not be aware of the huge array of printing options available to you, including Christmas cards. There are a lot of great options that go beyond just your regular 6×4 print. Below is a screenshot to give you an idea; just click the link or the image to be taken to the page and be able to view in more detail:


And a special bonus, use the coupon code “2015_Christmas_25pc” (minus the quotation marks) to save 25% off your print order. (Expires December 20th, the last day you can order for Christmas delivery; see below for more info on holiday deadlines.)

Regular print products take up to 2 business days for print and processing. Specialty items such as wrapped canvases can take an additional day.

When ordering regular prints from our U.S. Print labs for holidays (EZPrints, Bay Photo, and WHCC), the last day for each shipping option is:

December 2015 Deadlines

November 27 for International Airmail Orders.
December 10 for 5 to 7 business day (Economy) shipping option.
December 14 for 3 to 5 business day (Standard) shipping.
December 17 for 2 business day shipping
December 20 for overnight shipping

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