Riverfest 2016 – Client Testimonial

Riverfest 2016 – Client Testimonial

I don’t post testimonials from clients as often as I probably should, but I decided it might be a good time to do so today. I shot Riverfest at Berkley Riverfront Park on the Fourth of July a couple weeks ago, and yesterday I got an email from the head of the event thanking me. What strikes me is that I’ve been shooting the event for the past several years now, and I always try to think of how I can keep the photos fresh and exciting, even though a lot of it tends to be the same stuff I’ve shot before. So for me, it’s like, yeah the photos are fine and all, but to see somebody come along and express they thrilled they are with the photos was a nice thing (posted with permission):


Just saw the photos. YOU. ARE. AWESOME! I cannot even place into words how excellent they are.

I commented to Chris [Phelan, my contact who booked me for the event] earlier this morning that we are all working so hard and going a million miles an hour, that we never get to pause, look around, and take in the work. Your photos just made it all worth it.

I am so pleased that we have these.

Thank you, Brian. Thank you so much.

Stefan White
President, Friends of the River KC

Here’s a slideshow of the gallery:

The gallery slideshow below is flash-based, so you might just want to go to the website if it won’t display:

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