Watts of Love 2016

Watts of Love 2016

I’m looking forward to shooting this event tomorrow night for the second year in a row: Watts of Love at the Madrid Theater, a benefit to raise money to bring affordable lighting to some of the most impoverished areas around the world.

People in poverty-stricken countries must spend an outrageous portion of what little income they have on electricity in the form of lighting, to the point of choosing to burn toxic kerosene and wood chips in their homes in order to provide what little lighting they get after dark. Watts of Love provides these communities with affordable solar light that leads to improved health and frees them to use their income on other important necessities. 

Tickets are still available, and while you may think the standard $85 ticket is expensive just for a night out, it includes an all you can eat barbecue buffet and an open bar; you could easily spend more going out to dinner and a club on your own. That and you get three great bands performing throughout the evening.

And above all, like I said, the proceeds go to a worthy cause. So check it out.



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