First weekend shooting with the D700

So here are some sample shots of the Nikon D700 in low light situations, at very high ISOs. Personally I’m blown away by the image quality the D7oo produces, at all ISOs but especially the higher ISOs. Even on the Canon 5DM2 I was reluctant to shoot above 3200 ISO in these circumstances; on the Nikon I have practically no need to reduce the noise at 3200. And images at 6400 and above, all the way to 12,800 were progressively grainy, but in a much more appealing way than the Canons. I would never use anything above 6400 ISO on the 5DM2, and rarely 6400. With the D700 I have no problem using 12,800 for online usage.

Tracii Guns (foreground) of LA Guns. 3200 ISO
3200 ISO, 100% crop

12,800 ISO (in this pic I did tune down the saturation for that faded look)
12,800 ISO, 100% crop
ISO 5600. Amped up the contrast to make it pop.
100% crop of previous pic, ISO 5600

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