The Promise

This is a video I shot and edited in iMovie a couple of years ago, back when I shot Canon. I used a 5DM2 and 24-70 lens. I recorded the band over two nights one weekend, and the first night they played the song (When In Rome’s “The Promise”) twice and once the next night. That enabled me to get different angles on each band member with each performance. Obviously such an approach would be better and more consistent — you’ll note several discrepancies, like the band in different colored shirts and girls dancing on stage in one angle who aren’t there at another angle — if I had multiple cameras shooting from different angles during the same song. But I was doing it solo so I had to make do.

Editing the video together involved syncing the video to an audio of a live track of the song the band recorded months earlier. Each time the video cuts to another angle, I had to resync it to the sound. That’s a lot of syncing, lol. Took about 6 hours or so.

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