90 Minutes

One of “my” main bands who I’ve worked with over the years, 90 Minutes, is going on an indefinite hiatus after their final show this Saturday (July 7th). They were a relative late-comer to my repertoire by the time Tyson P Leslie approached me in early-2009 to shoot them, as I had already been doing regular work with Rattle and Hum, Perpetual Change, Leaded, The Elders, KC/DC, and the Zeros by that point. Yet they had their own unique impact on my life beyond just the photos. Once again I am reminded of the real value photography has brought to me, as I’ve made some very special friends through my collaboration with them. Some of my best work can be directly traced back to my association with this band.

Tyson put together this video slideshow at http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=c-S-_HgOdA0 heavily featuring some of my work with them. You can also view more of their photos on my site at http://briantium.smugmug.com/Galleries/90-Minutes and http://briantium.smugmug.com/Galleries/Jerrys-Bait-Shop.

Very special thanks and gratitude goes out to Tyson, Sara Brazil, Drum Counselor, John Pyne, Josh Johnson, the one and only “Mole” Jason Molnar, as well as Tyler Lyon and Tom Black.

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