Website Revamp

After a year of redirecting the domain name to my all-encompassing website,, I am currently in the process of restructuring BrianRicePhoto in its own right as a family and senior portrait-oriented website. Long story short, this site is designed for people who are looking for a portrait photographer to capture their family and senior photography needs. At the present time, the only work uploaded for viewing is the feature slider on the home page; the portfolio links are currently blank pages, but I’ll take care of that shortly. Some of the older blog posts you might notice below date back a full year, to when I initially switched over to Studio-BPR and continued blogging there. Rather than delete all those old blog posts from this site, I’ll probably just leave them below, at least for now. Going forward, expect to see a series of BrianRicePhoto Pics of Day, where I feature a favorite family or senior photo and give a behind the scenes story of what took place in order to capture the photo. Talk to you all soon. B

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