BrianRicePhoto Pic of the Day: Dusty and the Girls

Today’s BrianRicePhoto Pic of the Day features my cousin/nieces and their dad, Dusty. (Technically, the girls are my “first cousins once removed”, being that they’re the children of my cousin Kristi…but that’s a mouthful, so it’s easier to just call them my nieces.)DustyGirls2_1200h_Logo

This is one of my absolute favorite family photos, because it’s fun and different from the traditional family portrait. Most families want something traditional when they have their portraits taken, and that’s fine. But we got to go outside the box for this one. I made a day trip back to my hometown of Manhattan last summer, and was just planning on taking some portraits of the girls when Dusty said he wanted to join in and do some family photos. He also¬†wanted to do something different, so they dressed up and we ended up walking around Aggieville (the college student entertainment district of Manhattan) and fired away.

After taking some photos in a few spots, Dusty said he wanted to do some pics in a well-known alleyway in Aggieville, which has a nice rustic feel. I was happy not only because I loved the idea, but also because the shaded alleyway created a great natural light. That made my job a lot easier since I could just aim and shoot after positioning everybody. The lens I used for this shot was¬†the Nikon 85mm 1.4E, which is my favorite portrait lens. Here it’s set to an aperture of 2.8 in order to keep everybody in focus. (A few of the photos in this set actually left Ashleigh, in the front, out of focus because of the 1.4 aperture, which is a really narrow depth of field.) We got so many good photos from this set that I’ll include another, in black in white, as a Bonus Pic of the Day:


Same set of photos, totally different feel with the black and white/sepia treatment.

Talk to you soon.

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