Trump protests

BPR Political Post:

I’m stepping out of my political post semi-retirement briefly to comment on the whole Trump protest thing, considering he’s here in KC today. And this is directed at liberals more than the Trump supporters. You don’t like what Trump says, that’s fine. You want to protest outside of a Trump rally, that’s great. You should. But I can’t condone an active effort to actually disrupt his events in an attempt to shut them down. Guess what: He has a right to say what he wants to say, whether you agree with it or not. And his supporters have a right to congregate and listen to him speak. That’s called the First Amendment, and it applies even to those who say things you don’t agree with, even when they’re disgusting.

Trying to shut down his rallies is only going to encourage violent acts and ultimately harden his support. And yes, I’m well aware of protesters being attacked by Trump supporters at previous rallies. That’s wrong. And that is completely on Trump for passive-aggressively condoning and encouraging that behavior, and he needs to be called out for that. What I’m talking about here is actively escalating that aggression by trying to break up his events. This has the potential to become one of those cases where liberals who like to harp about how oh-so-tolerant they are actually demonstrate how INTOLERANT they are when it comes to someone who disagrees with them. You don’t see Trump supporters trying to break up a Bernie rally.

So my message is, if you want to protest Trump, do it right. Do it smart. Don’t turn it into a riot.

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