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People who haven’t visited in a while will notice the site has taken on a whole new look this week with a major revamp. It’s a change that’s been on my mind for a while, since at least when I broke out and refreshed earlier this year. So I finally sat down and did a thumbnail on paper of how I wanted the layout to appear, and it just went from there.


I’ve been of the opinion for a long time that I needed to separate the different genres/brands I market. They say that all-in-one photographers are a dying breed, or that you need to be specialized in one area in order to have success. To a degree I think this makes sense, but not for the reasons most people say. I believe it’s possible to be good or event great at multiple genres of photography, and more expansively, multiple forms of creative media (which I consider to include graphic design, web design, videography, animation, etc). Especially with photography, the thought that you can only be good at, say, wedding photography but not also at senior photography or event photography, just seems a bit ridiculous to me. In my view, if you can light well, you can pretty much shoot anything well. You’ll deal with certain circumstances like low light with wedding photography that you won’t encounter doing head shots where you can control the light, but there’s nothing fundamental in that distinction which would prevent one photographer from being able to do each well. The only thing I would see being a tougher challenge would be for the landscape or architectural photographer being able to shoot portraits well because possibly such a photographer may or may not be good with people, so getting the right expression/look in a portrait might be tougher for them (but by no means insurmountable). So the idea that you can’t be good or great at a lot of things just seems like utter BS to me.

Where I do agree with the notion of specializing is in potential clients’ perceptions of you. If somebody is looking for a wedding photographer, they’re going to want somebody who they perceive as specializing in wedding photography. And that is a huge reason I feel I’ve been hurt on that front when it came to missing out on potential wedding clients. Somebody who wants a wedding photographer doesn’t want to sift through a website that’s full of band photos, event photos, party pics and whatever else is on a website; they’re dealing with a ton of other factors in planning their wedding, and if anything, time constraints are going to limit them to focusing their Google searches to “area wedding photographers”, or whatever. So that’s why I broke out BrianRiceWeddings several years ago, even though I tended to ignore it until recently, when I revamped it and decided to pay more attention to promoting it. That way, if I have an inquiry for a wedding, I can direct them to that site and they can bypass Studio-BPR completely. It’s the same reasoning for breaking out again after having that domain redirect to for most of 2015. Now BrianRicePhoto is the site I direct people to who are interested in family or senior portraits.

Which brings us back here to the revamp of This is the comprehensive, multi-media creative professional website for Brian Rice. I wanted the site to reflect better the multiple skills I have and can provide clients that goes beyond the “he’s just a photographer”, even though for the time being, that’s what the bulk of my presentation consists of. The site is by no means complete, but what’s left pertains more to filling the portfolio pages with appropriate content (like the video and graphic design pages); the basic layout and look is pretty set. Expect to see more video work in particular in the near future.

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Website Revamp

After a year of redirecting the domain name to my all-encompassing website, Studio-BPR, I am currently in the process of restructuring BrianRicePhoto in its own right as a family and senior portrait-oriented website. Long story short, this site is designed for people who are looking for a portrait photographer to capture their family and senior photography needs. At the present time, the only work uploaded for viewing is the feature slider on the home page; the portfolio links are currently blank pages, but I’ll take care of that shortly. Some of the older blog posts you might notice below date back a full year, to when I initially switched over to Studio-BPR and continued blogging there. Rather than delete all those old blog posts from this site, I’ll probably just leave them there, at least for now. Going forward, expect to see a series of BrianRicePhoto Pics of Day, where I feature a favorite family or senior photo and give a behind the scenes story of what took plac

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