Lindsay and Corey, July 11th, 2014

When showing off our engagement and wedding photos (and yes, I mean showing them off!), people always comment on how personal, unique, and beautiful they are. People have said multiple times that our photos look like something out of a magazine. Brian was able to capture our personalities and emotions in ways we didn’t know were possible. He listened to our ideas and visions, while adding in his own professional opinions and style. Some of my favorite photos are candid moments that he was able to capture so perfectly. He photographs so naturally that the moments are just allowed to happen.  Also, Brian has a great eye for local scenery, which give the photos a very personal feel. He helped us incorporate some of our most special places (Broadway Café, where we had our first date!) into our wedding photographs. Brian was very fun and easy to work with, while still being an absolute professional. We would highly recommend Brian Rice for engagement and wedding photographs!

~Lindsay and Corey

Patrick and Julie, July 19th, 2014


We love this and all the photos Brian got for us the night of the Engagement Party. I had seen Brian’s work online, really loved what he did with live bands and asked him to come shoot my band, RockShow. Everything came out as great as I had seen/expected so I was thrilled have him at our event. I have really just loved what he does with his lighting and framing. He really brings a certain energy to his photos that I really love. He’s also very easy and fun to work with. I have also hired Brian to assist me with photos for my job and my business. I will continue to do so. Now, that photo rests on our staircase wall, on a large canvas print. Also, on my WellsFargo credit card. All of which, I get compliments on all the time.

~Patrick and Julie

Mark and Laren, June 27th, 2015

BrianRiceWeddings took our engagement and wedding photos. Prior to this, I had known Brian for years from hiring him to shoot high-profile events when I worked in the event industry. He is, in my opinion, one of Kansas City’s best event photographers. When I got engaged, he was my only choice for wedding photos, and I couldn’t be happier that I chose Brian. He listened to my ideas for location, mood and setting, and came prepared with so many more.  His ability to capture moments in his one-of-a-kind photojournalistic style is one of the reasons I chose him, and boy did he come through. His creativity made my photos incredibly unique, and at the same time stunning. On your wedding day, you can’t be everywhere, but his team made me feel like I was when looking through our wedding album. Everyone, from my family to the wedding party, talked about how easy it was to work with Brian, and how he put them at ease. BrianRiceWeddings gave us the greatest gift: amazing photos of the best day of our life.

~Laren and Mark