2015 Review

2015 was a year of transition. There were a lot of major changes for me, starting with the end of my employment with the KC Star after 12-plus years. It was such a great run there for the majority of that time, except for the last four months which were not so great (due to the economic ill-health of the newspaper industry forcing cutbacks, etc), and at any rate it was time to go. Freelancing has been okay, and entirely limited by the amount of effort I’m putting into taking it as far as it can go. It’s something I need to step up for 2016 in order to have the success I want. I have a lot of ideas that I need to just follow through on, which has been tougher than I was expecting. Working from home is challenging, and as a friend told me the other week, the problem with working from home is putting things off because you fall into the trap of thinking you can always just do it “later”. I’m considering finding some shared co-op office space to join; doing the Starbucks/library circuit is okay, but I think having a dedicated space might be key. We’ll see. If anybody has any suggestions about co-op space, please let me know.

Then there was the health scare with MS that I was going through at the exact same time I left the Star, which a lot of people here are familiar with, and which ultimately was a false alarm. That was a tough six to eight weeks to go through, with all the tests and medical expenses that go with it (spinal tap, anyone?). I still get paranoid whenever I feel “off” or unwell, which I guess is normal, especially getting older. But I remember the people who have been dealing with a lot worse health issues and I’m actually pretty lucky.

And then there are the more benign changes, like moving to a new place after nine years at my old one, as well as leaving the photo studio after three years. That was something I didn’t really talk about at the time, but I have a new arrangement at another studio that’s working out pretty well, although I haven’t done much there (another thing I need to correct for 2016).

If it sounds like 2015 was pretty “meh” for me, I’m just trying to keep things on an even keel with this post. I don’t really go in for the “rah rah! It’s gonna be a great year!” kind of thing. Kind of like how I was with the Royals, lol. (And how about that? It’s still kind of surreal the Royals won the World Series…)

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