Full list of Top 25 Pics of 2012 (with links)

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The Top 25 BPR Pics of 2012; below are the direct links to the individual stories behind each (they’ll open in a new browser window or tab):

  1. POGEY, Publicity Pic
  2. Bloody Bride
  3. Rock Star Family
  4. Brook, Stormy Girl
  5. Beth, Summer Shade
  6. Pat, Rattle and Hum at Sandstone
  7. Beth, Black Dress
  8. Candy Rat Guitarist
  9. Wes, KC/DC
  10. Rachel and Lydia
  11. Cassie, Senior Photo
  12. 90 Minutes Final Gig
  13. Dolewite at the Power and Light District, St. Patrick’s Day¬†
  14. Kennedy, Senior Photo
  15. Brook, Composite
  16. Bartender Blowing Fire
  17. Hessler
  18. The Elders at the Weston Irish Fest
  19. Erin
  20. Bill, Tebowing
  21. Mary and Brian’s Wedding Party
  22. Zeros Fans
  23. Little Drummer Boy
  24. Matt and David, It’s Magic
  25. Beth in White

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