BrianRicePhoto is now an associate of East Market Studios!

BrianRicePhoto is excited to announce that Brian has joined the photographer cooperative at East Market Studios in Columbus Park (due east of the River Market in Kansas City, Missouri). This is a major step that will enable BrianRicePhoto to expand by having access to the top notch facilities that East Market Studio offers, not to mention potential collaboration with the other professional photographers who also share the space.

“I’ve been well aware of the need to have a studio in which to shoot the many projects and clients that I’ve been wanting to follow through on for a long time now; years, in some cases,” Brian said. “In the past I’ve had to shoot on location, which is at the mercy of the weather; I’ve done shoots where the wind was so strong that it turned the umbrella into a kite, and also shoots where it was 100-plus degrees outside. But even when the weather cooperates there are questions of access and privacy; it’s hard to set up a 60″ umbrella or a softbox, with an assistant holding a reflector and not have people staring at you, that and risking being run off by security depending on the place. And shooting in my home is not a viable option, though I’ve done it with friends, but it’s certainly not appropriate for clients, nor do I have the space to make it work effectively. So I’ve rarely followed through with the countless people who’ve approached me about taking their photos. This move changes that.”

East Market Studios is a photographer collective located at 922 East 5th Street in Columbus Park, one of Kansas City’s most historic and picturesque neighborhoods, due east of the River Market, and one block north of the original Garozzo’s Ristorante. Four other professional photographers share the space and often collaborate together during specials and other projects. Brian will be joining on a part-time basis, with access on weeknights and all day weekends, which is perfect for his schedule.

“I think I’m going to ease my way in to it and do some practice shoots with friends just to familiarize myself with the place,” Brian says. “But once I get comfortable, I intend to announce some special deals and offers to get the ball rolling. I can’t tell you how excited I am to become an associate of East Market Studios; I’ve known Robbie Schraeder, another photographer who’s also an associate of EMS, for a long time and he’s the one who showed me what a great opportunity this is, and meeting with Brett Pruitt, the head photographer of the studio, solidified my confidence and excitement over this move. This opens so many doors for me.”


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