“Jimmy Jam” at the Brooksider this weekend (March 28th)

I’ve been pretty excited about this event for a while now, as it’s set to feature an all-star line up of some of Kansas City’s best cover/tribute acts, who all happen to be friends of mine. “Jimmy Jam” was conceived of due to Perpetual Change’s guitarist, Jim Parker, undergoing major surgery for a ruptured appendix a few weeks ago, leaving him out of commission to perform Saturday’s already-booked date for PC. So the rest of the band decided to turn their gig into a benefit for Jim featuring the Zeros, Rattle and Hum, a reunion of Symetrix, Lin Buck, and more, in order to help out Jim and his family as they cope with the medical bills, etc.

I decided to get in on the act by offering to shoot the event, as well as donating the profits from any print orders of this event from my website to Jim. I know a lot of people who have been meaning to order prints from my site, and this would be the perfect event and the perfect time for everyone to order, because not only will you get great prints of the event, the proceeds will go to a worthy cause. I’d love to be able to announce I did like a grand in print orders that I’d be donating to Jim.

The pricing for print orders will be as follows:

4″ x 6″ prints = $4.99
5″ x 7″ prints = $9.99
8″ x 10″ prints = $14.99
8″ x 12″ prints = $19.99
11″ x 14″ prints = $24.99
12″ x 18″ prints = $29.99
16″ x 20″ prints = $34.99
16″ x 24″ prints = $39.99

Again, the profits of all print sales from this event will go to Jim. I’ll be taking pics of the entire event’s festivities including band performance pics, party pics of the crowd, various acts of debauchery that those involved in are sure to regret, and more. And I’m hoping to get a big group shot of all the bands together in order to produce a giant 24″ x 36″ framed print for Jim. (Major fingers crossed that one actually happening…)

The lame weather forecast notwithstanding (allegedly 8″ of snow all day, ending a few hours before the event), I’m really hoping people still brave the road conditions to get out to the Brooksider to show support for Jim Parker and his family. Jim has been one of the most enthusiastic and encouraging supporters of my photography out of all of the people that I’ve met, and that’s saying quite a lot given the incredible numbers of people who still introduce themselves to me based solely off of what they’ve seen of my work online. That’s a pretty profound feeling. And Jim as always been right up there at the top in his encouragement.

Hope to see you all there…


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