New Blog Site and FB Post Repository

As great as FB can be for posting your thoughts and engaging people, it’s timestamp nature makes it very difficult to reference something you posted even just a couple weeks ago. And I began to realize that a proper blog would be more effective in cataloguing my thoughts. That, and more than one person has indicated I do something to better coalesce my writing. Chances are, what you’ll find here will mostly be copy-and-paste posts lifted directly from FB. In fact, that’s what the first one will be. Or maybe I’ll end up writing my thoughts on this blog and then posting the link to FB.

I also desperately needed something I can keep separated from my photography and freelance endeavors. Even in the midst of posting some of my political rants, I’ve been quite aware that I am potentially alienating future clients. Which sucks, and admittedly of my own doing. I’m reminded of how Jay Leno was always the most popular late night talk show host for so long, and it was said part of the reason for that was because he was so apolitical and that nobody could figure out his politics. Being a person who needs to express himself the way I do, that’s a huge challenge.

As always, you can visit my current photography/freelance site at to catch up with my photography endeavors. From now on, this blog will the repository of my general thoughts that aren’t necessarily related to photography. Namely, a more easily accessible place for my very lengthy Facebook “rants”.

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