On not spoiling Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, cont…2

Who knew that my return to long FB rants would be because of Star Wars spoilers? Though somehow I think this might be a more volatile subject than muslims or gun control, heh. This is sort of an addendum to my post last night where I suggested people use the time until they finally get to see Episode VII as an opportunity to take a break from social media completely. I’m seeing a lot of people complaining about being exposed to spoilers on their newsfeed; I’ve seen others threaten to de-friend people who post anything revealing, as well as more patient requests not to be dick about it. And I get it. Although what I’m not getting is why it’s so vital that you absolutely HAVE to keep scrolling your newsfeed 24/7 in the meantime. I mean, you’re just kinda asking for it, you know?

It makes me think of those student protesters at Missouri last month who wanted their “safe space” on the quad where they didn’t want the media allowed. And I’m like, the quad is a PUBLIC space, and the media have a FIRST AMENDMENT right to do their jobs on that same quad. If you want a safe space and privacy, GO INSIDE. I tend to think that the FB newsfeed (and Twitter, etc) is a public space, too. People are going to post what they want to post. It would be completely different if somebody was messaging you directly with spoilers or posting spoilers on your wall. I mean, THAT would be dick move. But somebody posting on THEIR page, and it appearing on your newsfeed…I mean, I gotta say that’s kinda on YOU for not being able to lay off the social media for the day or two (or in some cases, yes, a week or more) until you can see it yourself. You won’t miss out on anything by taking a break from FB and Twitter. You simply won’t. Like I said in last night’s post, you have other ways to communicate with people if you need to connect. Or, in the absolute worst case scenario, just go straight to your personal page if you need to announce something and FB is the best way to do it; just stay off the newsfeed.

Ultimately, I’m just saying that having plot details of a movie spoiled is absolutely NOT worth getting pissed off about or ending friendships over. ESPECIALLY when ALL you need to do to avoid it is to simply: Stay. The. Fuck. Off. Social. Media. That’s all you need to do. Trust me…you WILL get by. You won’t miss out on a SINGLE THING. You won’t be loser because you’re not hanging out with all the cool kids on FB. Be strong.

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