On not spoiling Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, cont…

Anyway, my non-spoiler review: I’m still absorbing the movie and may need one or two more viewings this weekend to fully process it wink emoticon

My initial reaction is that it may be the best Star Wars movie…well, of ALL OF THEM. I mean, come on, forget the prequels; if anything the Force Awakens brutally reinforces just how out of touch George Lucas became by the time he made those movies (and as he was even starting to show as early as Return of the Jedi; Ewoks, anyone?). But we all kind of already knew that, but to see it in the hands of somebody like Abrams, who has a genuine feel for character and plot…well. We owe a lot of thanks to George Lucas for creating Star Wars in the first place, but it’s good that it’s in new hands now. 

(And I WAS a bit worried about how it was going to play out in Abrams hands, because I was sorely disappointed with his Star Trek reboots—especially that, ugh, reveal of “Khan” in the second one. “Too Enterprise, Too Furious” is right. But he did extremely well with Star Wars, and I’m sure continuing an already established story instead of doing a full-on reboot like he did of Trek helped keep him grounded.)

In tone and in spirit, I think this movie fits most closely with Empire Strikes Back. In plot and in call backs, it fits more closely with the original Star Wars. So kind of the best of two worlds. If it’s still post-worthy by then, I will possibly discuss spoilers after the new year. Surely THAT will be long enough for you people to have all finally seen it, ha!


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