Ordering Prints

Recently, I took some prints that I had ordered from my site to a some of the bands that I shoot. For KC/DC it was part of my rate/offer/whatever to go down to Ft. Scott to shoot their performance last month; six 8″ x 10″ copies (they were actually 8×12). And then later I ran into the singer for 90 Minutes and showed him some other prints of his band that I had also ordered with the intent of promoting prints from my site. A week earlier I gave a 12″ x 18″ print to Zach from Shots Fired.

They were thrilled with the prints, which is great. It basically confirmed my feeling that to see a photo in print — and a great quality print at that — has a more profound impact than seeing the same photo on a computer screen. Something makes it more “real”. Especially when it’s printed at a larger size, like the 8x12s and especially the 12×18 print of KC/DC that I made (I think they’re all arm wrestling over it to see who gets that one).

But I also realized people aren’t fully aware — or are only aware of it in the abstract — that they can order prints and that I myself don’t actually print them on my inkjet. When the order is placed a professional print shop in Georgia processes the order and mails them directly to the customer. I myself never see the credit card numbers or whatever. It’s a totally secure billing system. In other words, they can order as many prints as they want.

And like I said, the quality is great. I have to option of featuring matte prints and glossy prints, but I don’t use them because lustre prints are the best and that’s the only type I feature.

I’ve pretty much decided on including an 8×10 or 8×12 print (one per band member if it’s a band; probably five or so if it’s a individual/couple portrait) as part of my rate/services, in addition to a CD of the pics. And they can order copies of extra prints from my site, although they could (kinda/sorta) save the money and make the prints at home with the CD or take it to Walgreens. On the face of it those are cheaper options, I guess, but the cost of ink and paper (and even Walgreens) means it’s not exactly free…and the prints from my site are far far better.

But essentially this is a shout at that you can order prints from my site. So do it! 🙂

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