I’m really trying to limit my political posts, but there’s one thing in particular I have to say for the time being: I do worry that this election in particular has the potential to lead to friendships being ended because of the anger and passion that’s being tapped into by the candidates and by social media, in particular. There’s a saying that friends shouldn’t discuss religion or politics, and that’s always been true, but social media is amplifying political commentary in a way that’s never really been seen before, and the propensity of people who disagree with you commenting on your posts and arguments getting out of control.

I’ve already had one friend delete me from his friends lists over a spat, and previously have felt myself alienated from still others. I think if it really does come down to Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump, things are going to get REALLY nasty, not just with their campaigns, but with social media in general. It’s not going to be pleasant. That’s why I would like to see John Kasich make it somehow, although he won’t. He’s the only candidate in the race I can see who doesn’t automatically piss off half the population by his very being. And I’ve already had people trash talking me about him, like it’s a fucking basketball game or some bullshit.

Anyway, I’m starting to get a little heated myself. It’s why I stopped making political posts for a while and why I need to refrain again going forward.

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