Rick Ryan’s World

I heard a touching story this past weekend when I went out to see KC/DC at Side Pockets in Independence Saturday night. There was an older gentleman there taking video and I recognized him from the Rattle and Hum show last summer out at Legends, also taking video. I know the booking agent for the bar, Steve, and he pointed him out to me and explained his story. Obviously from the title of this note, his name is Rick Ryan, and this is sort of his thing; going around taking video of all the local bands in the Kansas City area. He has a YouTube page with nearly 800 such video clips uploaded: http://www.youtube.com/user/Rrwmissouri

What moved me the most was learning the gentleman has cancer; you might be able to infer that from the attached pics to this note; his YouTube page says he’s 62 years old. According to Steve, taking video of all the bands was Mr. Ryan “living out his dream”.

The attached pics are from the Legends show Rattle played at last summer when I caught him in some shots. He’s already posted some clips of KC/DC’s show two nights ago, and here’s a direct link to one of the Rattle and Hum songs from his site: http://www.youtube.com/user/Rrwmissouri#p/u/293/o0u1HQEhT-4. Taking a quick glance at his videos, he’s taken video of nearly every well known cover band in the KC area.

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