Hey all,

It’s been a while since I updated my blog. In that time I started a newsletter that I intend to send out regularly, which may or may not take precedence over the blog. Then again, the newsletter is meant to promote and drive business (special photo session offers, print deals, etc), while the blog is basically a collection of essays and discussions of photography-related points of interest for me. So in that sense, they don’t really compete.

Anyway, right now my big issue—and I always seem to have some photography-related angst, whether it was whether to switch from Canon to Nikon, or what lens to shoot with, etc—is whether or not to downgrade from FX (lingo for Nikon full frame camera format) to DX (crop frame lingo of same). Right now I own a D700 (FX) as my lead camera, and a D7000 (DX) as my second camera/backup.

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