Smugmug adds Facebook posting, thus completing wishlist

While I maintain my website and blog via WordPress, my main photo galleries are posted (and link to via my WordPress site) to Because I have the Pro smugmug account, I have been able to take advantage of features like advanced customization and very importantly setting print prices to make a profit.

One thing that had long been lagging on Smugmug was the ability to post galleries and individual photos directly to Facebook. As in posting an actual Facebook gallery; previously you could only post a link to Facebook which would take them to Smugmug, which was not the ideal option since it is my view that not everybody likes to jump to another website when they’re in FB. Not only has that been corrected, but you can also set the captions of each pic to include a direct link to buy prints of the photos. This will save an incredible amount of time on the back end as well as increase the visibility of print options available to viewers.

In the past I’ve had to manually upload photos separately to FB, which can be laborious, and even more excruciating would be to manually include separate links to buy each individual prints. Past solutions have been to include a note to buy prints from my site, but it was easier to set it to go to the gallery only; now not only does the Buy link that Smugmug automates take you directly to the photo it’s captioned to, but it takes you to the Buy page and starts the ordering process immediately. This is awesome.

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