BPR Top Pics of 2012: Number Fifteen

Number Fifteen: Brook, Composite (click image to enlarge)

This is one of my first forays into green screen/composite photography, and so far my most successful attempt. I think there is so much potential to be realized with compositing, but the trick is to get the lighting just right, and in this photo I kind of accidentally stumbled on it, which I haven’t been able to replicate since, though I eventually realized what I was doing wrong (keep an eye out for future efforts).

In this shot, Brook is on my living room floor (again, pre-East Market Studios) with a green screen behind her. Unfortunately the green screen didn’t spread far enough to either side of her, nor did I light it sufficiently, so instead of relying on the magic of green screen software to cut out the background (COB) without a hitch, I ended up having to manually outline her, basically eliminating the point of using a green screen (SIGH). One thing that does happen when you COB is that you inevitably lose the hair strands when you select the area around the head. So what I did was create a new layer underneath the layer that had Brook, then used a custom-shaped Photoshop brush shaped like hair strands to paint some back in and retain the feel of realism to the photo.

For the background I used a shot I took out at one of the area lakes and blurred it sufficiently to give the photo a sense of depth and distance. Finally, for a little added touch I created a “reflection” of her as if she were next to a window overlooking the water.


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