BPR Top Pics of 2012: Number Five

Number Five: Beth, Summer Shade (click image to enlarge)

And the final photo of Beth on this list (see Number Twenty-Five and Number Seven). Yes, Beth was my go-to model this year, which I very much appreciated. It’s great to work with someone who’s patient while you fumble around trying figure your s**t out during a shoot, not to mention someone who helps you carry your gear and is interactive and intuitive while working on the photo at hand. So major props are in order for Beth.

As I mentioned in her previous photo, I swapped the two of these at the last minute (and in fact, I very nearly bumped this up one more slot). There’s something about this photo that’s striking for me. And it’s another one of those no-light-modifier pics. We were at the very end of the shoot, and for a final set of pics I had her lay out on her beach towel on the ground in the shade. There was nothing special about that particular spot, it was just a little hollow near the shore of Longview Lake, but I chose it because it was shaded. You can see the late-afternoon/early evening sunlight hitting her right arm. I used no light modifiers, but you could say me consciously finding a shaded spot was me making the environment the light modifier. Which is something I took to heart following the Cassie senior photos the month before. And I love the way the colors pop in this photo.

This photo shoot is also notable because we spent two hours outdoors in late July in 105-plus degree heat. Talk about brutal. For most of the shots I had an Alien Bee 800 in a 60″ Softlighter, with a 6-stop ND filter to keep the depth of field shallow for the shots, and after all that work, it’s this one, with no lighting whatsoever, that I liked the best. (Like Pat before this, it was taken with the Nikon 85mm 1.8G on the D700.)

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