BPR Top Pics of 2012: Number Fourteen

Number Fourteen: Kennedy, Senior Photo (click image to enlarge)

So this is a photo from a senior session I shot in November. My studio is located in Columbus Park, due east of the River Market, and my assistant Lindsey was  adamant that we go to the train tracks by the river to take some photos as part of the session. I went along with her insistence and was pleasantly surprised to see some good locales to use as backdrops and props. We did get the photos at the train tracks, but this one became my favorite even though there are no tracks in sight.

I had Lindsey standing on some concrete block holding a stand that had a flash in a softbox to light Kennedy (Kennedy’s mom Lola spotted Lindsey in case she lost her balance. Yes, I put my people through great precarious risks), and took a variety of shots, both wide and closeups, of Kennedy before moving on. There’s something about this photo that stands out from the others. I love taking the wider shots that let you see the environment surrounding the subject. And that light from the softbox (24″x24″) is so pretty; in fact I realize I like it better than when I’ve used the giant, unwieldy 60″ Softlighter with an Alien Bee. Strange given the size difference.

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