BPR Top Pics of 2012: Number Nineteen

Number Nineteen: Erin (click image to view larger)

This was actually a “test” shot while I was setting up my lighting for the Bloody Bride photo, but I loved the way this photo turned out. I call this something of a pseudo-pinup or psuedo-40s lighting because that’s what it reminds me of…although photo purists are welcome to correct me or my technique. Shot at my (new) studio and one of the first chances I had to do a portrait shoot with the Nikon D600 (though I was only renting it at the time and had yet to buy one). Just an Alien Bee through a gridded reflector lighting her. If I remember right I lightened her eyes to bring out the brown a little more. And I love her expression; so not a typical smiley pic.

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