BPR Top Pics of 2012: Number Seven

Number Seven: Beth, Black Dress (click image to enlarge)

Another photo from my home studio…also known as my living room. I got the idea for this pose and the lighting from the promotional photos of Jennifer Love Hewitt for her TV series the Client List. So I actually showed Beth the photo on my iPhone and we tried to copy the pose and the lighting. I don’t know if we got it exactly right, and I don’t really care; I think it’s a great photo and she’s really classy and elegant (and very Russian; note her jewelry). There’s any number of lighting tweaks I could have tried, like an extra hair light or a reflector or whatever—and I actually did try a reflector bouncing some fill light on to her. But I ended up liking this shot that didn’t have the reflector.

This is also another example of the photos on this list being able to be swapped with other photos within a couple of slots of each other; this had been slotted higher, but at the last minute I decided to swap it with the final photo of Beth on this list (forthcoming).

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