BPR Top Pics of 2012: Number Seventeen

Number Seventeen: Hessler (click image to view larger)

I guess this one might seem like an obvious one (if you’re a guy), or a gratuitous one (if you’re a girl). But I pride myself on choosing pics for a reason that’s beyond the typical “huh huh, hot chick, huh huh, cool”. You’ve got the lead singer (Lariyah) of a heavy metal band (Hessler from Chicago, on tour back in May in this pic), so it’s not something you see everyday, and I really love this shot in particular because it’s another one of those “perfect timing” shots. With the lighting (my off-camera flashes plus the bar’s house lights, though I wish I had one more flash lighting her with yellow from over her right shoulder), the way her hair is, and the composition…it just works. (And really, how can you not appreciate how tone her abs are? I suddenly feel the urge to start doing crunches.)

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