BPR Top Pics of 2012: Number Three

Number Three: Rock and Roll Family (click image to view large)

This is the most recently shot photo on the list; taken just a couple weeks ago (December 2012). Jerry (far top left) works the kitchen at Jerry’s Bait Shop (not named after him, fyi) and he asked me to do some photos of him and his family for a contest in Rolling Stone Magazine that’s sponsored by Hyundai, featuring “Rock and Roll Families”. So naturally I was game for it.

As you can see, Jerry set up a bunch of instruments (he’s in a band and at least one of his children—the cello player next to him—has taken lessons), and I set up my lighting, and we went for it. Ironically Jerry spent about 20 minutes trying to get the houselights to work properly, but as it turned out my lights overpowered what he managed to set up, though maybe some of the fill/shadow areas show a little bit of it.

This final photo is actually a composite of three different pics. As with any group photo, inevitably you’re going to have takes where one or more people are either blinking, or not looking, or some other thing that throws an otherwise perfect take out of whack. After some painstaking photoshopping I managed to blend all the best elements into this final shot.

Entries into the contest were last week, and finalists will be announced after the new year. I’ll keep you posted on if they make the cut 😉

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