Video clip (temporarily) added to home page

You’ll notice on the home page that I’ve got a video clip of Kansas City-based U2 tribute band Rattle and Hum on auto play (ie, when you first click on the page or refresh it, it will start playing from the beginning). I’m about to redesign the Rattle and Hum website that I built in 2008 and create a WordPress-based site, and one of the things I want to carry over is that automatically playing video…which means I had to find a plug-in for WordPress that would do this the way I wanted it to. My experience with learning WordPress and customizing made me worry that it would be a painfully painful experience, but in this case I got it all figured out in under an hour. (In computer-code time for me, that’s the equivalent of about five minutes.) So posting it to my photo home page was a good means of testing the plugin.

So anyway, for those seeing the video or becoming aware of it for the first time through my homepage, I shot the footage on a Canon 5DM2 throughout the fall and winter of 2009/2010. Since I only had the one camera that could shoot video at the time, I had to shoot the band performing the song (“Mysterious Ways”) at various shows over four months or so, each from a different angle. Hence any lack of consistency with clothing or setting as the video switches between shots. I then took the footage and edited it in iMovie, syncing it to a studio recording the band made of the song in 2007. Each cutaway of one angle to the next required me to resync the audio so the singing and instrument playing lined up accurately. Finally I added a fake reverb to the audio track in order to create a more live feel to the music. (This sadly did not fool any of my sound tech friends, who didn’t seem to get the point of why I did it.)

So that’s the story behind that. I will probably take it down once I complete the updated Rattle site, but I will leave it here on this post for posterity 😉

[vsw id=”CS1-YIkGHb8″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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