Website homepage changes

Once again I have changed the layout and content of my main website’s home page ( I received an excellent survey via a colleague, Eason Pritchard, that showed some fascinating data on what consumers think and look for, and especially what they do not like, when visiting websites (or at least stock photo sites, but it seems like it applies to just about any website). I was happy to discover that I seemed to be doing quite a lot right based off what I read, and got really good info on what could use changing. I highly recommend clicking the link above and reading it.

So I went ahead and made a couple of cosmetic changes, mainly removing the flash slideshow. I’ll be honest; I was glad to see that Flash-based sites seem to annoy people, mainly because they take a while to load, even on high speed internet. I never really “clicked” with Flash; I was always content to just use Dreamweaver mixed with a good dose of Fireworks (or Photoshop) when it comes to designing websites. So to have the perfect excuse to continue to ignore flash is…fortuitous 😀

I’m also adding the first paragraph of each new blog I post here to the home page in order to increase the visibility of this blog. I started this blog nearly three months ago and have sparsely updated it, but I think that’s because it’s so remote and isolated from my other online interests (Facebook, Myspace, main site) and I needed to find a way to push it.

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