Medical Missions Foundation Promo Video 2017

Medical Missions Foundation Promo Video 2017

A VERY late Happy New Year, everybody. Today I’m excited to share this recent video project that I edited in conjunction with Patrick McBride of Drone on Demand and Medical Missions Foundation for the latter’s annual fundraiser that was held this past February 11th. Medical Missions provides medical assistance in the form of volunteer doctors, nurses and other personnel who travel to third world countries like Uganda, Romania, the Philippines, as well as Central America, where they spend about a week helping to diagnose and treat those in need who don’t normally have access to the kind of care Medical Missions provides.

We were approached by the Medical Missions people to produce the video for the event, and Patrick and I sat down with Rynn Day from Medical Missions back in November to game plan the project, which included filming interviews of some of the people who been on missions for the foundation, but also some excellent footage provided by Rynn that was shot in Uganda previously. It was quite an intimidating project for me going in, because I always tend to be a bit overwhelmed at the beginning of a video project, not knowing exactly what I’m going to do or how I’m going to get through it all; we shot about 30 to 40 minutes of interview footage ourselves in December, plus had hours and hours of footage from Uganda (and later Antigua) that Rynn provided us with. It’s quite a lot to sort out, in particular what parts of the interviews to use, as well as structuring a coherent narrative that moves the viewers and inspires them.

Medical Missions Promo Video 2017 from Drone On Demand on Vimeo.

I’ve discovered that sometimes the best way is to get on with it and just start doing it. I knew some quotes from the interviews that I wanted to feature, and I had an idea of where I wanted to place them, and so I started there, placing those parts where I knew I wanted them, then shaped the rest of the video around that. Funny thing about editing videos for me is that, while the beginning of a video project is always intimidating and overwhelming, inevitably I reach a tipping point in the process where everything just sort falls together and clicks, then it cascades into easy street towards the final half of the process. This project was no different. Essentially the finished product is very similar to the first rough I delivered, but with a few minor tweaks including some extra footage from Antigua that Rynn sent over, which I plugged in so the video would convey that Medical Missions helps more countries than just Uganda. I then added some simple text animations for the titles that appear throughout the video.

Also, a hat tip to my friend and colleague Matt Hartnett of who I’ve known for years and provided some critical last minute assistance in engineering the audio at the convention hall the event was staged at.

So that’s about it. The video went over wonderfully to a loud audience applause and terrific feedback for Medical Missions. I was very proud to be a part of a project that is so important in what it does, and I encourage everyone to visit their website if you would like to donate or be part of it.

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